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OSTRALE Biennale

Ostrale Biennale is one of the biggest contemporary art events in Germany (180 artists from 34 countries, including Lithuania, this year)
Ars Futuri

In 2022 selected works from the Biennales will be presented in partner countries: Lithuania, Croatia and Hungary. The Ostrale team has been cooperating with the European Capitals of Culture for several years, and in 2022 the Ostrale Biennale Exhibition will be held in Kaunas.

Connecting four cities with a close relation to water – Dresden in Germany by the river Elbe, Budapest in Hungary by the river Danube, Rijeka in Croatia on the coast of the Adriatic, and Kaunas (ECOC 2022) in Lithuania by the Nemunas and Neris rivers –the project Flowing Connections (FLOC) explores the artistic, ecological and cultural questions of waterside living, the rivers and seas that nourish and threaten our cities in equal measure, divide and unite people, nationalities and landscapes, and our caring or abusive relationships with them.

More details coming soon.

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